This is simply a place to vent so my brain doesn't explode.


Today is my second day at McDonald’s and I’m working 7-1, which is until closing, and I’m really nervous about it

Two weeks was a lot shorter than I thought it would be

So I went to check my schedule online and I have no hours posted for the next week so I guess they decided that I’m done.

Bitter sweet

Today I had an actually really good day at work, besides that one bitch, and it makes me sad that I’m leaving. I love all my co workers and most of my managers. But I need the money.

Work here much?

So today this lady came into my line and I knew she was a bitch from the start. She didn’t say a single word to me the whole transaction. When she went to pay she asked me what she should hit for credit. Now we just got a new system and no one had ever asked me that so I had no idea. I told her that she she scoffed and said “wow work here much?” Like umm yes I do but I’m not looking at the pin pad now am I? I kinda snottily told her it was a new system. Like jeez use your credit card much?

So we got a new system this week and I was talking to a customer about it and how even our self check outs are different and that I was confused by it when I used it and he told me he didn’t like self checkouts because he shouldn’t have to check out his own items. Like ok entitled much

My interview went well yesterday! I got the job! I hate to be going back to McDonald’s but I need the money. I have orientation on Wednesday and that’s also the day I’m putting my two weeks in at the grocery store.

It’s been a looong time

Hey there! Cat here! I know it’s been a long time. Like a really long time. Maybe like 3 months? All i remember is i got into a car accident and then i didn’t work for a while after that so i some where along the lines stopped posting. But i decided it would be good to come back. Especially with the chances of my possible job change.

So the store i work at hasn’t been giving me hours at all. Like 12 a week. They’ve done that pretty much the whole time i’ve worked here but at first i thought i was because i was in school. But even after i gave them open availability, except saturdays because those are my days to myself, they still give me 12 hours. And since my car broke down, 80 dollars a week just isn’t going to cut it. So i applied to every where in my small town. And guess who was the only place to call me back? That’s right, fucking mcdonalds. They called me back in less than a week. And my interview is tomorrow at 3. and i’m not so nervous, but i am. Because i don’t want to go back to mcdonalds at all, but i did make way more money when i worked there. And where i work now the most i can work is 22 hours a week for some reason. But maybe this mcdonalds will be better. It’s not in a heavily populated area like my last one. 

I will not let them take advantage of me this time though. My application said i wanted to work in the morning, because i hated working 2-10 and i never had a social like. so 7-3 or 8-4 it is for me. except i hate waking up that early. but oh well. and i also put down i can’t work saturdays. i don’t care i will lie my ass off if it means i don’t have to work saturdays. 

but i will be saying good bye to a management that treats me so nicely, being able to leave when i’m off, and garenteed breaks. But i really need to get my car fixed. 

Also right now my blue hair is sort of a yellowy blue green, so i hope that’s not a problem. i just really don’t like dying it. it turns everything blue. 

Also if i get that job, give me suggestions for a url change.

Customer Profile No. 687: I'm done


These customers make it into my hall of fame for some of the worst customers I’ve dealt with in the past 2 years.

I greeted the car at the speaker like usual and started the order. Part way through the order the guy pauses. I couldn’t tell if he was finished or not so like usual I ask “will that…

Wtf i would’ve thrown their payment back into the car and told them to go to a different McDonalds because there is no excuse for shit like that.